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Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft (GRAPHIC PACKAGE)

Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft (GRAPHIC PACKAGE)

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Introducing the Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft (Graphic Package): Illuminating Brilliance for Your Message

Radiance Redefined:

Step into the spotlight with the Lumiere Light Wall! Let your message shine with the Lumiere's ingenious blend of LED ladder lights and back-lit graphics. This display transforms your visuals into captivating luminosity, making your presence unforgettable.

Features that Illuminate:

  • LED Brilliance: Lumiere LED ladder lights cast a luminous aura, elevating your back-lit graphics to new heights. Your message takes center stage, radiating brilliance and captivating your audience.
  • Innovative Combo: The Lumiere Light Wall brings together the best of both worlds: silicone-edge graphics and portable RPL fabric pop-ups. This fusion creates a display that's both captivating and easy to manage.
  • Compact Convenience: The Lumiere isn't just captivating in size; it's also compact. Collapse the geometric frame and SEG bungeed channel bars, and fold or roll the fabric graphics. Setup is a breeze, taking just 25 minutes with one person.
  • Seamless Portability: SEG portability is as stylish as it is easy. Multiple Lumiere Light Walls can be connected to create a larger backwall, ensuring your display evolves with your needs.

Package of Brilliance:

  • Everything Included: The Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft Graphic Package includes everything you need for brilliance. From the Pop Up Frame to the Ladder Light Sets, each component contributes to your luminous display.

Elevate Visual Storytelling:

  • Canvas for Radiance: The Lumiere Light Wall isn't just a display; it's a canvas for your brilliance. Let your visuals tell a story that captivates hearts and minds.

Specifications that Shine:

  • Dimensional Excellence: The Lumiere Light Wall boasts a spacious 10 x 10 ft canvas, allowing your message to shine with impact.

Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft (Graphic Package): Where Brilliance Meets Ease

Elevate your message to luminous heights with the Lumiere Light Wall. It's more than a display; it's a symphony of light and creativity that captivates and resonates.

Choose the Lumiere Light Wall 10 x 10 Ft (Graphic Package) today and embrace the brilliance that radiates from your message.

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