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Elevate Achievements with Gonfalons: Symbolic Banners of Triumph

Gonfalons, synonymous with accomplishment, symbolize the essence of achievement. These ceremonial banners take center stage at Commencements, Special Events, Parades, and Championships, radiating pride, unity, and the grandeur of success. From educational institutions to businesses, gyms to stadiums, and even weddings to churches, Gonfalons and Championship Banners bring prestige and panache to any setting.

Gonfalons for Institutions

As prominent processional banners, Gonfalons embody the spirit of the occasion. They march ahead, representing the learning institution, echoing the journey of graduates and faculty. A visual testimony of excellence, unity, and shared pride.

Gonfalon Style & Championship Banners

Beyond academia, these banners are coveted embellishments for special events, parades, and beyond. They adorn gymnasiums, stadiums, businesses, and sanctuaries, infusing each space with grandeur and distinction.

Impeccable Specifications

Discover the dimensions of distinction:

  • Sizes: While the popular choices are 3' x 5' high and 4' x 6', we can craft any size to suit your vision.
  • Finish Styles: Featuring a top pole sleeve and various finishes like Chevron, Rectangular, and Fishtail, complemented by optional fringes.
  • Techniques: The front layer of the gonfalon is a canvas for creativity. Opt for printed designs, or explore appliqué and embroidered options, available on quote.
  • Mounting: Adorn dark oak poles with gonfalons, carried with reverence by esteemed students and faculty. Explore a range of accessories to enhance the presentation.

Quantity Discounts Await:

  • 5-9 pcs: 5% off
  • 10-24 pcs: 10% off
  • 25-49 pcs: 15% off
  • 50+ pcs: Available on Quote


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