Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events


Ideal for decoration, structuring space at events like parties, weddings and reunions!  Great visual effects, presence and ambiance!  A great item for wedding planners, event companies.

The Event-Wings are easy to install just about anywhere and can be personalized to the colors of the event.

Ideal for windy areas and special events with heights reaching 17 feet. Enjoy their growing popularity as they wave and get the needed attention from afar and by all!

Wing Flags have become the most popular and dynamic advertising medium used on sports events and point of purchase. No electrical equipment needed, easy to transport and install, multiple formats and bases! Eco-friendly, washable graphics on textile can be replaced and recycled for future promotions without having to replace the entire kit again.

For more shapes and sizes, take a look at our wing flag section by clicking here.